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Press Sandwich toaster

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Press Sandwich toaster

│ Description │
IntraWell's press sandwich toaster is simple and solid, but it is extremely lighter than any press sandwich toaster. Using Teflon for sanitation and increase its durability. It is not only able to seal sandwich but also able to continuous heat to cook for inside of sandwich with Digital temperature controller. For more safety, automatic temperature cut system is adopted. In addition, system goes sleep mode when it cannot detect any action within 6 minutes.

│ Function │
The first digital alert operate when complete toast and the second alert operate 10 sec after the toast.

│ Feature │
Three toasting lot / Digital temperature controller / Auto sleep mode.

│ Specification │
30 x 43 x 25 CM (W x L x H) / 9.5KG (Weight) / Stainless steel (Exterior) / Teflon ( Interior) / 1.3kW/h (Power consumption)

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